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Date: Circa 2022


Object: Painting


Artist: AwaLisa (French, b. 2003)


Title: Peul


Medium: water based printing ink, extra-fine colored ink, charcoal, colored pencil


Dimensions: : 55" x 39.4"  inches   139.95cm x 100.08cm Portrait unframed


Description: "Peulh" is the first and central piece of a five parts collection representing women around the world. Tradition and artistic freedom coincide to show the beauty, strength and honesty of the Peuhl people: an originally nomadic tribe circulating through west Africa. Now mostly sedentary they are spreaded worldly but still maintain a strong sense of community and identity through ceremonial storytelling.


Signature: Back lower left side of painting


Condition: Good


*****Available for licensing*******

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